Technology renting for all kind of equipments

  • When you buy technological equipment, you have a 5-year amortisation. In contrast, leasing allows you to shorten the life cycle and therefore keep your company’s technology at the forefront, by renewing it more frequently, and thus being more competitive in a constantly changing markets. This means flexibility, not only in technological terms, but also in your finances. In addition, it avoids having immobilised capitals that can be vital. Current situation with “COVID 19” require financial solutions that has to be well adapted to your needs.
  • When you buy, you have to use the same equipment until the end of its depreciation, while with leasing your business is not tied to long periods. It improves the treasury of your company.
  • The best equipment and a single provider for all your services and business needs, with our virtual service solution. Organise video conferences and meetings with your collaborators and clients, in a totally collaborative and interactive online rooms, allowing teleworking in these new era of digital transformation.